Technology and deep data expertise for driving the best defense and intelligence decisions.

Critical Decision Making for the Mission

FTI provides mission-tailored technology and deep data expertise for driving the best decisions across all domains

Advanced Capabilities for Complex Data Challenges

It's challenging to make the best decisions, every time in support of your mission. In an increasingly complex environment with more data, more sources and more disparate systems than ever, it's difficult to rapidly analyze, understand, identify actionable insights and make decisions with confidence.

Our offerings include AI/ML-enhanced data integration, data analytics, modeling and defensive/resilient cyber technology and services to enhance the ability of the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and other agencies of the Federal Government to make the best decisions possible in support of their missions.


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The FTI Difference

With limits on time and resources, and the security of the cyber domain of the utmost importance, FTI stands ready to deliver with seven attributes that set us apart.

Speed to Solution at a Fraction of the Cost

Combined with our range of agile contract vehicles, FTI technologies and services can often be mission-ready in a matter of weeks or months, versus years, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Extensive Operational Technology Portfolio

Drawing on nearly four decades of innovation, FTI’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property and operational technologies across data integration, analytics, visualization, modeling and resilient/defensive cyber has been augmented by more than $200 million of U.S. government investment, resulting in purpose-built solutions that can be mission-ready in weeks or months.

Ships stay connected using the latest techologies
FTI data expert monitoring technology-enabled services

Deep Mission and Data Expertise

FTI subject matter experts have extensive domain knowledge of mission data requirements and collaborate closely with our customers to leverage our technology portfolio to deliver solutions and technology-enabled services that enhance critical decision-making for the mission at hand.

Unique Culture

FTI’s strong moral compass and warm culture attract and inspire high performing, cleared teammates who maintain deep subject matter expertise across all areas of importance to our customers. Integrity, commitment, compassion and charity act as the North Star for everything we do for the people who safeguard our nation, each other, and the children, veterans and underserved in our communities.

Non-Disruptive to Existing Technology Environments

FTI technology works with virtually all systems, applications, and data types.

Customers Retain Data Ownership

Our customers continue to own their own data.

Powerful, But User-Friendly

FTI solutions serve a broad range of users, from those with basic skills to highly trained experts.

FTI Satellite array


FTI provides tailored technology and decision-focused services across all domains.



Our offerings include AI/ML-enhanced data integration, data analytics, modeling and defensive/resilient cyber technologies and services.

Data Integration

FTI’s cloud-based data integration platform leverages AI/ML to help users quickly gain the insights they need from their data. It integrates complex and disparate systems, applications and data types, and enables powerful analysis, visualizations and predictive modeling. FTI’s integration technology isn’t disruptive to current customer environments, works with virtually all systems, applications, and data types, and is enterprise scalable.


Our data analytics solutions and services leverage artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to deliver a wide range of analytic and visualization capabilities for acquisition and operational decision support across DevSecOps, enterprise architecture analysis, enhanced data visualizations, model-based systems engineering, digital transformation and system performance analysis.


Our modeling solutions and services help our customers better track, visualize, simulate and analyze trends and underlying mission drivers across wargaming, logistics analysis and visualization, system performance modeling, synthetic systems and data generation support.

Defensive/Resilient Cyber

Our defensive/resilient cyber solutions offer a portfolio of advanced technologies and services to help maintain and optimize cyber defense, including mission cyber risk analysis, supply chain Illumination, blue and gray space analysis, penetration testing, radio frequency (RF) analysis, and cyber-enhanced threat intelligence analysis.

Contract Vehicles

Contracting agencies benefit from awarding Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase III awards through increased efficiency, value and savings by leveraging the government's R/R&D investment in previous SBIR Phase I and/or Phase II efforts.


Join us and make a positive impact on our company, customers, communities -- and your career.

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