FTI provides mission-tailored, technology-enabled services and solutions, driven by deep subject matter expertise across all domains.

Our offerings include AI/ML-enhanced data integration, analytics, modeling and defensive/resilient cyber technology and services to enhance the ability of the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and the Federal Government to make the best decisions possible for their missions, with greater confidence.

Combined with our range of agile contract vehicles, and deep data expertise, FTI solutions can often be mission-ready in a matter of weeks, not months or years, at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise software implementations.

Data Integration

FTI’s cloud-based data integration platform leverages AI/ML to help users quickly gain the insights they need from their data. It integrates complex and disparate systems, applications and data types, and enables powerful analysis, visualizations and predictive modeling. FTI’s integration technology isn’t disruptive to current customer environments, works with virtually all systems, applications, and data types, and is enterprise scalable.

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FTI's data analytics solutions and services are built around a framework that leverages artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to deliver a wide range of analytic and visualization capabilities for acquisition and operational decision support across DevSecOps, enterprise architecture analysis, enhanced data visualizations, model-based systems engineering, digital transformation and system performance analysis.


Cloud Native Analytic Platform

Predicative & Forensic Analytic and Algorithm Development

Framework for Risk Analysis & Trend Identification

Environment & Software Factory Analysis – Test, Automation & Performance

Custom Visualizations for Data Discovery & Exploitation

All offerings leverage modern techniques and FTI’s unique application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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FTI's modeling solutions and services help our customers better track, visualize, simulate and analyze trends and underlying mission drivers across wargaming, logistics analysis and visualization, system performance modeling, synthetic systems and data generation support.


Enterprise Architecture Development

Model Based Systems Engineering

System Modeling & Automation

Digital Engineering Environment Development

Synthetic Environment & Data Generation

Logistics, Modeling & Simulation

All offerings leverage modern techniques and FTI’s unique application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Defensive/Resilient Cyber

FTI's defensive/resilient cyber solutions offer a portfolio of advanced technologies and services to help maintain and optimize cyber defense, including mission cyber risk analysis, supply chain Illumination, blue and gray space analysis, penetration testing, radio frequency (RF) analysis, and cyber-enhanced threat intelligence analysis.


Analytic orchestration - enabling automated multi-step processing​

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Trends & Anomaly Detections​

Development and visualization of actionable metrics

Predicative & Forensic Analytics

Data Processing & Storage

System & Environment Transparency Support​

Automation of repeatable processes

Data Visualization​

Data Exploitation & Analysis

Contract Vehicles

Coupled with our agile contract vehicles, FTI's tech-enabled services and solutions can often be mission-ready in a matter of weeks, not months or years, at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise software implementations.


Over the years, FTI has carved a position as an industry leader within the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Our journey, highlighted by the continued pursuit of excellence, has seen us outgrow eligibility for competing for Phase I and Phase II awards — which is a testament to our success and something that FTI takes pride in.

FTI’s highlights in the SBIR program:

Industry leading success in the competitive landscape with over 160 SBIR/STTR Phase I and Phase II awards.

Earned recognition of our leadership position – highlighted by the award of the prestigious Tibbetts Award in recognition of our groundbreaking contributions in Decision Support and Data Analytics technologies — innovations that continue to resonate with national priorities at their core.

Creating enduring value for our customers, who capitalize on the Department of Defense's substantial investment of $139M in FTI's past SBIR Phase I and II initiatives.

In the SBIR Phase III environment, our expertise is further underscored by 41 contract awards spanning various agencies within the Department of Defense. Unencumbered by size limitations within the Phase III program, our focus on innovation persists as we continue to leverage our expansive portfolio of SBIR-developed technology and the Phase III contracts, enabling us to deliver exquisite technical solutions through an agile acquisition strategy.

Our story is one of growth, innovation and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

SBIR Phase III Benefits

Award can only be made to developer of the SBIR Technology

Reduces procurement timelines

Sole-source contract awards

No limits on the dollar size of the procurement

Small business size standards do not apply

Unlimited duration and unlimited value

Covers any type of work including research, development, services, products, production or a combination

Any type of agency funding including procurement, operations and management, construction or research

Any type of contract such as cost, fixed price, time and material or hybrid

FTI's Cybersecurity Posture

FTI's information technology function has undergone cybersecurity assessments, conducted by two different government organizations in the past 6 months.​

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) conducted a voluntary Cyber Assessment with FTI with a goal to improve overall cybersecurity posture of its DIBs through identifying vulnerabilities, evaluating threats, reviewing processes and implementations, and mitigating risks. Results of the assessment:​

  • FTI had No indications of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), No compromises of FTI or customer data.​

  • FTI has a solid Defense-in-Depth cybersecurity posture.​

  • Positive overall cybersecurity hygiene, situational awareness, and a thorough, well written System Security Plan (SSP).  ​

Remarks from the MDA lead, “FTI is far and away, the most well positioned cyber security company out of ALL of those that we have assessed. We further believe you are already positioned for CMMC Level 4 because of your implementation of defense-in-depth.”​

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) performed a High Confidence on-site assessment of Frontier Technology Inc. to verify overall compliance with the DFARS Clause 252.204-7012 and to verify the enterprise implementation of NIST SP 800-171A using NIST SP 800-171A, “Assessing Security Requirements for Controlled Unclassified Information.”

  • FTI received a perfect score of 110 out of 110.
  • According to a CyberSheath survey of 300 DoD contractors found that only 13% have even a score of 70 out 110.

CMMC compliance is the new standard. Like most defense contractors, FTI has not yet been formally assessed against CMMC. By way of our 110/110 DCMA assessment, this does give us reciprocity to cover most of the requirements of CMMC.